04/11/2012 07:28 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Introducing: New Workout Music From the Healthy Living Team

Here at Healthy Living, we are always searching for new songs to elevate our ho-hum workouts. Not only does a good tune make anything more pleasurable, research suggests that favorite up-tempo songs can actually make us work harder.

That's not news to fitness professionals, explained top trainer and HuffPost blogger, Jill S. Brown:

Group fitness instructors have long known this phenomenon to be true. When a song comes on that someone loves, their energy output automatically increases. Conversely, if someone hears a song they don't like, their energy level drops off and the work may even feel harder.

As part of our newly launched partnership with Spotify, we decided to create a space just for workout music. Why not learn from the best? We've collected playlists from top trainers, DJs, music industry executives, editors and athletes to bring you new music for your time in the gym, the park, or anywhere else you like to get physical.

We're launching today, but we'll be back with more every week, so watch this space. You can check out all our playlists on a dedicated page here. And don't forget to suggest your dream contributors in the comments. Who do you want to hear from most?

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