08/29/2012 08:43 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2012

Political Workout Music For The Convention

Glued to the conventions? If around-the-clock coverage of the Republican National Convention is getting in the way of your exercise regime, we're here to help. We've put together a unifying playlist -- one song for each state, that won't just satisfy your sense of political occasion, it'll also help you run, spin, swim or train just a little bit harder.

Because political difference and righteous anger shouldn't be the only things to get your blood pumping.

This week, we bring you the first 15 states in the union through 15 fantastic songs. Check back later this week and next, during the Democratic National Convention, for parts two and three. And if you can't get enough of the intersection of politics and music, check out HuffPost Politic's 'Spotify the Election' project.

Alabama: "Let's Roll," Yelawolf feat. Kid Rock
The rapper Yelawolf hails from Gadsden and got his start in the Birmingham scene.

Alaska: "So American," Portugal. The Man
Several current and former members of indie rock outfit Portugal. The Man come from Wasilla, center of all things Palin, though they now live and make music in Portland, Oregon.

Arizona: "Backwater," Meat Puppets
Proto-grunge rockers Meat Puppets, since their formation in Phoenix in 1980, have been named a major influence by no less than Nirvana and Pavement.

Arkansas: "spark a conversation," Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth
This self-designated "white trash power pop" outfit hails from Clinton homeland, Little Rock.

California: "Drop It Like It's Hot," Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell
Long Beach native Snoop Dogg is as synonymous with SoCal as palm trees and movie stars.

Colorado: "Total Fascination," Pretty Lights
Fort Collins native Derek Vincent Smith is the man behind Pretty Lights.

Connecticut: "My Country," tUnE-yArDs
Frontwoman Merrill Garbus grew up in affluent New Canaan, though she now lives in Oakland, California.

Delaware "See No Evil," Television
Though protopunk group Television came together in New York in the early 1970s, Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell first met at their Hockessin, Delaware high school.

District of Columbia "Slight Work," Wale feat. Big Sean
D.C. rapper Wale Victor Folarin counts the local tradition of go-go music among the influences for his complex, smart rhymes.

Florida "Big Problem," ANR
Miami-native Awesome New Republic has gained nationwide exposure, thanks to their "tropical bohemia" sound, as the New York Times referred to it.

Georgia "Houseboat Babies," Reptar
Athens outfit Reptar has brought their synth-pop on tour with bands like Foster the People and Cults.

Hawaii "Putti Putti," Jay Epae
Jay Epae was actually a Maori singer from New Zealand, though he incorporated Hawaiian music into his repertoire.

Idaho "Froco Backo," Owlright feat. Donnie Business
Electronic outfit Owlright hails from Boise.

Illinois "Lightning Bugs," Elephant Gun
Chicago rockers Elephant Gun don't know what to call themselves, but settle on "hippie punks."

Indiana "State of a Dream," Dreamers of the Ghetto
Bloomington family outfit Dreamers of the Ghetto have been compared to fellow Indiana native, John Mellencamp by no less than NPR.

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