11/29/2014 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for the DIY Challenged


Christmas is the season for family and friends. And DIY projects that come out sparkling and beautiful. Unfortunately, I am a bit DIY challenged. Give me a glue gun and I will have 10 burned fingers within 30 seconds and I just might be glued to the wall. Glitter? One small bottle will envelope my house in a cloud of fairy dust that I will still be vacuuming up in July.

Regardless, every Christmas I think "This year will be different. Surely I'm not THAT hopeless." An hour later when I am glued to the wall covered in glitter, I realize the error in my ways. This year, though, a little Christmas miracle happened. I actually made a DIY Christmas wreath that looks good. There were burned fingers and it doesn't even call for glitter. Maybe I've broken my DIY curse? Or maybe, as my father-in-law likes to say "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes". Either way I will take it.

So here are some DIY Christmas Decoration ideas that even the DIY challenged like me can handle. Good luck!


DIY Grapevine and Burlap Wreath from Merry About Town

My Christmas Miracle wreath. Yep, it is that easy.

Easy Christmas Wreath from Home to Heather

Who needs to buy a wreath? Make this super cute yarn wreath to decorate your home.


DIY Christmas Chandelier from Ruff Ruminations

An easy way to make your dining room look very, very Christmassy.


Super Easy Initial Wreath from Maija's Mommy Moments

Love the look of this this initial wreath and that it is really easy.


And last but not least....No Glue Yarn Christmas Trees from Home to Heather

You can't get much easier than a DIY Christmas decoration that doesn't even require glue!

Happy Crafting and may the glue gun be with you!