08/03/2012 05:47 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Restoring Faith and Confidence

If elected, I will start working swiftly with our local municipalities to help revitalize Detroit/Hamtramck, particularly in underdeveloped neighborhoods. I would propose legislation that would focus on our infrastructure and create transportation projects. These projects would immediately create jobs, which would immediately start putting people back to work. There are thousands of trade and low-skilled workers out of work who really, really need jobs. Fixing our infrastructure will not only provide jobs, but it will also promote an environment that will attract entrepreneurs and investors back into the city.

If elected, I will also propose legislation that targets blighted neighborhoods. I believe the state should help local municipalities demolish dangerous and vacant structures, and this will essentially cut down crime in abandoned areas. Given the opportunity, I will go to Lansing to fight for resources that will provide our community with a better quality of life, which includes but is not limited to our health, education, public safety, secure routes and stable housing. As an elected official, I will work diligently towards restoring faith and confidence back into our government by providing the highest level of integrity to the office of State Representative. I believe this is very important if we are going to bring pride and hope back into our community.

Senior citizens on a fixed income face a variety of challenges each day, such as the cost of prescription drugs, elder abuse (such as identity theft), accessibility, etc. If elected, I will make certain that our senior population (such as my grandmother and great grandmother) have a strong advocate in its corner. As a young candidate, I understand the value and importance of protecting our aging population. Therefore, I will propose legislation to repeal the tax on senior pensions and 401(k). The government should be protecting the people's interests, not corporate interests.