09/03/2013 11:49 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2013

Facebook, How Women Got Their Groove Back

A few years back, before Facebook ever existed, women were living in a form of darkness. This might sound extreme to some, but for many other women, this will ring true.

Facebook became a tool for women on so many levels. The most obvious was the reconnection with old friends and family from the past. The fun of sharing pictures with each other never got old. But it also opened up many other doors and opportunities, some wonderful and some dangerous.

The temptation to search a little deeper into the past or to investigate what old flames are up to is something that everyone thinks of doing. Were they happily married, divorced etc.? How many times does a women almost hit the "friend" button and then pull back in fear of starting something that a non-available woman shouldn't be doing? Most of us have been in this situation or will be, it's human nature to be curious.

Many new relationships have been kindled through Facebook. Sometimes it's almost like shopping for a match without having to pay, like some of the other online dating websites. A little time scrolling down the page looking at pictures and inviting friends is almost as good as shopping for shoes!

Aside from relationship opportunities, Facebook and social media has given opportunities for women to start careers that they never would have believed were possible. With just a Facebook page and a little imagination, you can be in business! It's actually replacing websites for many. With the availability of having visual content, you can sell just about anything on there. You can become an expert and sell your services if you wish. The possibilities are endless.

As a woman, having a voice is paramount. Being able to express ones thoughts and having a platform for doing so has become a necessity. Causes are launched along with fundraisers. Money has been raised and non for profit organizations are doubling by the day due to the awareness online. Events are being held for people in need and people are coming together to give back. Support groups are the most beneficial of all. For all the women and mother's seeking help from everything from cancer to special needs children now have a place to give and receive crucial information and again, to become friends with others who walk in the same shoes as they do.

For many women, Facebook has become an opportunity to make beautiful friendships. Where else can you find like-minded people that aren't so judge mental? People who are ready and open to making new friends. It's far better than the old fashioned pen pal where you would have to wait weeks for the next letter to come.

I am extremely grateful for living in these times and having the enormous opportunity that social media has given to me. Without it, I would still be searching for a source to get my groove back!