11/18/2014 05:50 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2015

The Rapunzel Epidemic

dt03mbb via Getty Images

It could be generational or it could be coincidental, either way it's happening!

Middle-aged women are trapped in their homes dreaming about a way out. On the outside, they have it all. A lovely life and a happy family. Inside, they are crumbling, lacking self-worth and confidence, feeling unloved and useless.

They are in loveless marriages. They dream and fantasize that one day they will be rescued from this terrible existence.

Many married young, gave up their careers to become stay at home Moms. They lived in the shadow of their spouses. Any ability to work and make money has become a long ago dream. They feel either too old, not qualified, have no experience and worst of all, lack self-esteem and confidence.

They wake up in the morning and begin the same vicious cycle that they've endured year after year. They are empty souls, no love, no purpose and hope.

Many fantasize of finding a lover to come and take them away from their misery or worse yet, they go out and seek one. Here lies the danger.

If someone is emotionally broken, they cannot expect someone else to come and fix them. They must first fix themselves. If not, they will keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

A Rapunzel will fall for the first man that gives them the time of day. They will fall head over heels without caution and hurt themselves even more. Until they learn that wholeness comes from within, the same mistakes will be made.

As hard as it is to leave their castles, a feeling of empowerment will take place. Financially, it might not be an easy road, but the rewards of freedom is so much better. Finding work is always possible and along with it, comes a feeling of self-worth. One must not look back at what was, they must only look forward to what can be.

As women, we must not be afraid to stand alone for a while. We must find who we were before we were someone's wife and mother. We had a life, a name other than honey or mom.

It's possible to find love again. It's necessary, to fall in love with yourself first. Doing so will guarantee that you will pick the very best, knowing that this is what you deserve.

Don't cry about your castle, your treasures or your past life. They can happen again. Only this time, you will be the ruler of your kingdom, the one who wears the crown and the grandest of them all!