10/13/2008 01:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Photos of Darfur, Eastern Chad, and the Central African Republic

I have been taking photographs in Darfur, Eastern Chad and the Central African Republic since the early months of the Darfur genocide in 2004. They have appeared in major publications around the world. I have now organized 300 of these photos for public display and use on my website, The galleries are easily accessible in this online venue. They are organized by geographical location; Darfur, Eastern Chad, and CAR.

I post these images with the hope that people will take them to their synagogues and churches, their mosques and temples, to help their communities understand what is happening to the people of this anguished region. The images feature perpetrators and their instruments of destruction, villages and the ashes that remain, the deplorable camps into which millions have fled, and most especially they show the courage of those who are struggling to survive despite the unutterable atrocities committed against them, despite their irredeemable losses, despite the terror that shatters their days and nights, and despite the awful violence that continues to convulse their homelands. I hope the faces in these photographs will convey the level of suffering being inflicted upon innocent men, women and children and will inspire others as they have inspired me, to step away from our own feelings of helplessness, and urge an indifferent world to acknowledge its responsibility to protect and bring peace to this fragile population.