06/17/2010 01:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'I Love Here' Ball is Only Five Weeks Away - My First Video Diary

Hi. My name is Mia Kirshner and I am the Director of I Live Here. I wanted to make a video diary as the I Live Here Projects are at a crucial stage in our development.

We are five weeks away from our current fundraising event -- a LOVE-themed ball produced with the endlessly cool Blankenship Ballet.

If this ball and fundraising efforts are not a success, we are looking at a devastating reality of closing our programs. So far, the event is not looking good.

Judy B and Erica S and myself (my partners on ILH) are very worried that only six tickets have sold.

To close our programs would be tragic. We do the work that other orgs are not doing. By no means are we perfect but I know we have made some great changes.

I can see the impact that I Live Here and our local partner organization have had in Kachere in one year (school, legal rights, permaculture and arts)

We are now building a site for gay, bisexual and transgendered Malawians to share their experiences -- this in order to humanize their lives, in order to see much needed legal reform.

Everything that I Live Here has done so far has been done with all heart and love.

I hope that you will take this journey with me and watch the I Live Here diaries unfold.

Watch my first video diary entry, and come back for another one every week: