04/01/2015 07:49 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Three Years and Counting

This is my first ever published article so please, be kind. 

Three years. Three years is a long, long time. That's three Ironman, or two Avenger films for some. In three years we can go from a helpless infant to learning to walk, talk and say ma ma. Wars have been fought in less time, and those too have changed the landscape of society and the world. This fight, which is far from over, was 47 years in the making. In a way I'm honored to have made it. 

In April of 2012, the EEOC ruled for the first time "that the Complainant's complaint of discrimination based on gender identity, change of sex, and/or transgender status is cognizable under Title VII." See I filed a complaint and asked for an investigation of what I thought might be discrimination. I was told, maybe it did occur but what you are alleging, is not covered or protected and you are not entitled to the same investigation every other American is. I was second class. I was not allowed a day in court. For someone that lived by the rule of law, I was now beneath it, outside it. I was an observer to my America, an outsider to the nation I swore to defend. Little did I know, when a transgender person finally starts living authentically, they shred any and all privilege society allowed them to have. You are at the mercy of that privilege, it can be removed and it will be.

So, I did what any soldier, cop, taxpaying American does. I fought and I won. Macy V. Holder isn't a transgender case. It's for ANY and ALL American workers, LGBT, allies and even the haters. See, Macy v. Holder protects anyone that doesn't conform to gender stereotypes. That's right folks, anyone and everyone. Guys at work calling you 'butch' or ordering you to wear a skirt? Can't do that. Boss saying, "Quit acting so girly and I'll give you that promotion?" Can't do that either. This is a feminist decision too. No longer do men get to define what a women looks or acts like in the workplace! To all the feminists that hate trans women, a trans women gave you work place protections, you're welcome.

After the big win, I was entitled to a real investigation. And I proved it. On all counts, I proved they discriminated against me and I won. Macy v. Holder then started to walk, talk and have a life of its own. My child began to grow. Soon title five changes, law suits and ordinances recognizing gender identity started to appear. In 2014, the Labor Department expanded protections of trans workers based on Macy. In the summer of 2014, President Obama, citing Macy, signed two executive orders covering all federal workers that are transgender. And every week, some new lawsuit or ordinance using Macy appears. A lawyer friend of mine said 150 years from now, this will still be in the books. 

So why aren't any of the big groups cheering?

Macy threw a big wrench in the non-profit's big money or cold chicken crowd as I like to call them, plans. It's hard to ask people for money for federal protections when you already have them. So Macy was shunned by the big groups, and hidden from the web pages or announcements as was I. The community I risked everything in my life for, abandoned me. It's better if they talk about the latest super model or singer that has come out trans then to actually let trans know they have a recourse and protections if they are wronged. The big money actually continue to tell lies that trans don't have a recourse because it betters their fund raising then to actually save lives. See, what they don't get or care about is that over the three years of NOT promoting Macy, some trans have lost their job because of discrimination. Losing a job for trans means losing medicine, housing, children. Trans are already in a vulnerable position in society so how many have committed suicide because they didn't know they had a recourse or protections? That big money, is on you.

And for me?

My life has been destroyed. The name I fought so hard for is tainted. Oh, lawyers, parents of trans children or those that have used Macy to gain further protections, to stay in school or keep a job write and thank me. Those unfortunately are few and far between. Those cold chicken groups, they too wouldn't hire me, let alone have turned me down to even volunteer standing on sidewalk collecting signatures. I was abandoned by the same folks I risked everything to protect. I have been turned down for over 500 plus jobs and counting. Those agencies in government haven't been any kinder. From EEOC to DOL I have been turned down. I don't even garner an interview, but I did have one turn me down then turn around and ask me to do promotional video for them. I recently (after 3 interviews) was turned down to make minimum wage for Apple in a retail store. I can't even get jobs they hire high schoolers for and I have impeccable record and 3 college degrees. Macy didn't make me famous, it made me infamous.

What now?

Nothing. I will go on with my life being the best Mia I can be and fighting for trans rights. I'll continue to watch a fractured community fight over some idiot using the 't'word or the latest rant by TERF's about how trans aren't real even though a trans women saved their job. Like my child, I'll watch Macy continue to get its footing, stumble but eventually stand up, grow up and change the world. It's only three years old and look what it is has done, imagine Macy in 20 years, that will be something to see.