07/01/2013 08:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Love Party: Celebrating the Downfall of DOMA

June 26, 2013, was a monumental day in American history. The Supreme Court overturned the portion of DOMA that was preventing married gay and lesbian couples from having access to the same federal protections that married heterosexual couples have always been entitled to. The Prop 8 trial also had a favorable outcome as well, with the justices ruling that Prop 8's proponents did not have the legal standing to bring the case, effectively killing the law. This brings the total number of states that support equality and recognize gay marriage to 13, plus the District of Columbia.

When my feet hit the floor that morning, I was ready to celebrate. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day. But I wasn't the only person in my town who felt that way, and a human rights celebration was thrown together in a matter of hours. Hosted by my PFLAG chapter and held at a local coffee shop, the celebration consisted of American and rainbow flags and a growing crowd of elated supporters. The local media arrived to interview PFLAG members, and lots of hugs were exchanged. This was a joyous occasion; everyone there felt the unity that such a victory brings. (I can't imagine how awesome it would have been to be in Washington, D.C.!)

My significant other and I took the kids to the party, and all four of us had a great time.

"We're going to a party?!" my 2-year-old princess asked. She loves a party. "What kind of party, Mama?"

How does one explain to her young child the significance of a day like this? How do I detail to her the impact that the downfall of DOMA will have on generations to come? How do I tell her that because of this Supreme Court ruling, the way has been paved for hundreds of thousands of LGBT couples to be given the validity and recognition that all married couples should be afforded? How can I make her understand that over 40,000 other kids in the state of California will now have legally recognized families? How do I teach her about the pain and the anguish that so many have suffered leading up to this day? How can I show her that now our dear friends and family can solidify their commitments to one another and join in marriage?

I paused for a moment.

"Princess, we are going to a love party, because today the people who make the rules decided that it is OK for people to love anyone they want."

"A love party! Well, I love you, and Daddy, and my baby brother!"

Perfect. For her little, 2-year-old mind, that was all the explanation needed. At the innocent age of 2, my daughter can plainly see that love is love. And that's all that matters.


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