01/14/2013 08:23 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2013

Monday Links: Bloomberg Knocks Brooks, Journalists Tour Detroit, Conde Wants Its Cut

What's going on today in the media:

The Washington Post's Jason Horowitz writes on Mayor Bloomberg's gun control push, which includes a knock at one critic.

This month, New York Times columnist David Brooks suggested that the unapologetically cosmopolitan Jewish billionaire was perhaps not the best face for sensible gun laws. The criticism stung Bloomberg's supra-political sense of self.

"Incidentally, just define David Brooks," Bloomberg said. "As I remember, he's got to be in the 1 percent -- the amount of money he makes as a columnist. I don't know where that came from."

Conde Nast wants a bigger cut of writers' profits from film and TV rights. Not surprisingly, writers at publications like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair -- and their agents! -- aren't happy about it.

"The people who really get the big options are not going to sign, and the people who don't get the big options are going to be railroaded," said one Condé Nast writer who asked not to be identified because of fears of retribution from the company. "What you are really taking is people's self-respect."

Around the World:

Journalists become targets in Greece.

An anarchist group calling itself Lovers of Lawlessness claimed responsibility for Friday's attacks, citing coverage of the financial crisis that the group denounced as sympathetic to the austerity programs being imposed by the Greek government and its foreign lenders.

The news media are the "main managers of the oppressing state designs, manipulating society accordingly," the group said in a statement posted to the Internet.

Al-Monitor looks at the Bahrain blackout in Arab media.

Al Jazeera English turns its lens on Al Jazeera's new U.S. network.

More links:

Eugene Patterson, a legendary editor and civil rights crusader, died Saturday at 89. Classic column: 1963's "A Flower for the Graves."

Detroit Regional News Hub takes journalists through the city.

David Carr reflects on Journal News' controversial gun map: "was it really journalism? Not so much."