06/17/2013 07:36 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2013

Tony Dokoupil Joins NBC News Digital As Senior Writer

Tony Dokoupil, a senior writer at The Daily Beast and Newsweek, is joining NBC News Digital. Starting in September, he'll become a senior writer for and the latest addition to a growing digital team.

Both and have been staffing up in recent months to create unique online identities following NBC's split with Microsoft after 16 years of jointly running a news site. In October, NBC News Digital named Gregory Gittrich and Richard Wolffe executive editors of and, respectively. Gittrich brought in Yahoo! News editor-in-chief Hillary Frey in March as editorial director among a wave of new hires.

Gittrich told HuffPost that his team is "building a digital newsroom focusing on original coverage, enterprise reporting and investigative journalism."

The digital operation's "center of gravity," he said, has moved from Microsoft's Redmond campus to 30 Rock. Gittrich said that digital reporters and editors can now better take advantage of NBC's newsgathering resources and increasingly work alongside correspondents like Michael Isikoff, Richard Esposito and Richard Engel.

"The goal is to be one news operation, NBC News, and tell the stories the right way for the platform we're telling them on," he said.

Frey told HuffPost that Dokoupil -- who penned seven Newsweek cover stories since 2011 -- "will bring a new layer of writing" to the digital team.