09/10/2013 02:32 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2013

Washington Post TV Host Leaves

Brook Silva-Braga, host of Post TV's daily news show, "The Fold," is leaving the paper.

"My year at the Post has been a treat and a gift," Silva-Braga said in a note to colleagues, obtained by HuffPost. "The chance to interview people across the newsroom about their work was a daily education, the concentration of talent here is especially striking to an outsider."

The Post created "The Fold" last October and expanded Post TV's daily offerings with two new political shows in July: Nia-Malika Henderson's "On Background" and Chris Cillizza and Jackie Kucinich's, "In Play."

So what happens to the show?

"The Fold is continuing and we've always said there would be a great deal of experimentation with these shows as we grow -- we think that's an important part of innovation," wrote senior video editor Andrew Pergam in an email.

It's unclear whether the Post will seek a single host for "The Fold." HuffPost also asked whether Cillizza was now serving as the only host of "In Play," with Kucinich recently assuming more of a reporter role on the show.

Pergam said that "no permanent changes have been made to In Play or On Background."