06/19/2013 09:05 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

More Gay Pride! More Gay Friction!

It is that time of year again: June, when we celebrate gay pride. It is also that time of year when the gay media ask the stupid, meaningless question: Do we still need gay pride? Yes, we need it now more than ever, so stop asking.

In celebration of Pride Month, here is one of my poems. I hope that it inspires you to keep fighting and keep being proud -- gay proud!

(Modern, Political, Radical) Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction
Pulp Friction

I think that it is a title of a gay porn film
If not, then it should be
It's a perfect title, and would be a perfect film

But the friction should not only come...
cum from the passionate pulp between their legs
The friction should also come...
cum from the anger in their minds and souls

Pulp Friction
Pulp Friction

More friction
More friction

Less waiting
Less patience

Fight for your rights
Fight for your dignity
Fight for your freedom
Fight for your liberties
Fight for your love
Fight for your sexuality

Stop the apathy
Stop the complaining
Stop the excuses
Stop being patient, understanding, and nice

End the oppression
End the patriarchy
End the hate
End the homophobia
End the heterosexism
End the marginalization
End the ignorance
End the intolerance
End the unacceptance
End the stereotypes

No more status quo
No more mainstream
No more gender norms
No more gender roles
No more sexual repression
No more shame
No more subcultures
No more hiding

Get radical
Get political
Get modern; get postmodern
Get angry
Get inspired
Get hostile
Get smart
Get together
Get strong
Get busy... busy creating friction
Get down and dirty

We need more positivity
We need more role models
We need more loud voices

We need places at the table
We need open minds
We need accurate images

Repulp the friction
Raise your fists
Raise your voices

Repulped for the new century
This is life repulped for the future

Our fight should no longer be fantasized
It should be realized

Our success should no longer be fantasized
It should be realized

Only sexual fantasies
are allowed

Pulp friction
Pulp friction

A new pulp friction for the 21st century
A new gay pulp friction is needed

This is the new gay pulp fiction
This is how to write the new gay pulp fiction

It's coming/cumming...
Open up and get ready

First published in Gay City: Volume Three, edited by Vincent Kovar, 2010; the theme was "Re-Pulped"