11/22/2013 12:36 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Second Wives Score Bigger Bling

Here's a shocker: according to a survey by, men actually spend more money on engagement rings for their second wives than they did the first time around. Isn't that counterintuitive? Wouldn't you think that the second time the groom-to-be might be more wary of the overpriced lure of diamonds, especially considering that they didn't last "forever" like his dissolved first marriage?

While the average first-time engagement ring in this survey cost about $1400, the second wife scored big with an average priced bridal bauble of $3294, or more than double the ex-wife's marital trinket.

The question is, why? Interestingly enough, almost half of the respondents pointed to their increased faith in this new relationship (48 percent) while 38 percent admitted that they had more dough in the bank. And 17 percent understood that their new wives-to-be had expensive tastes...hmmmm... because they were older and felt entitled to more? Or because they knew they would always be referred to as his "second wife" and wanted a little extra consolation for that?

In any case, who fared even better than the second wife? The THIRD wife! Third time is a charm for this lucky lady, whose husband spent an average of $4825 on her rocky jewel.

Not only were these men willing to spend more, but they were willing to play a more passive role in shopping for the ring: 49 percent let the second wife pick it out herself whereas only 30 percent of the men surveyed did this the first time around.

I think this means that men are learning, ladies, that they should just let you pick out what you want -- even if it's more expensive than what they would have chosen. You can teach an old dog new tricks, especially when he has more money in his pocket and has learned a thing or two about letting the Mrs. decide.