08/30/2012 07:26 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Offbeat Adventures Around The World

Summer is about to come to a close (at least in North America), so for those that are just getting back from their big family vacations of the year and are ready to think about their next big adventure, I'm here to help. Sometimes making plans in your head is actually the most enjoyable thing about travel, though not many will admit that in the end. So let's get to the fun of using your imagination to plan your future travels.

I've been a big believer in my travels of changing things up sometimes just for the sake of change. I even wrote about that very topic here about, of all things, just turning the other way out of the doorway one morning in Spain and having an entirely different day from just going to a new coffee shop.

New and interesting doesn't need to mean something big and massive and huge, it can be something simple and easy. That being said, it is a lot more fun to make more grand plans, so with that in mind, I decided to come up with a checklist of some of the things I want to do in the next 12 months to perhaps inspire you to start dreaming yourself:

Surfing -- I've tried this once before. I was horrible. That being said, it was on the South Island of New Zealand and it was a blast. There are plenty of more spots to surf around the world than you'd ever think. Have you ever heard of Punta de Lobos, Chile or Zarautz in the north of Spain? I thought not. You aren't just limited to California or Hawaii or Australia for a fun, adventure vacation. I am thinking its about time to head back to South America, and Chile is already one of my favorite countries. The reason has been the wine, but I suppose I can drown my surfing sorrows in Chilean wine also...

Midnight Sun -- I have been permanently traveling since 2008, and taking tens of thousands of photos in the process, but a huge gap in my personal travel checklist has been the Land of The Midnight Sun. I'm not much of a lover of cold weather, but for those shots, I think I should give it a try. Plus, Sweden is one of my favorite countries. Is it expensive? Absolutely. But the scenery is amazing and hopefully this isn't inappropriate... the women are pretty spectacular in their own right.

Alaska -- OK, I am going to call myself "travel pathetic" for this one. I have been to 47 of the 50 states in my home country (and greatest country in the world). The ones I have missed? Vermont, North Dakota and Alaska. With all due respect to North Dakota and Vermont, the one that a professional travel blogger really has to hit on that list is Alaska. In fact, every member of my immediate family has traveled there and loved it. So I shall follow the lead of my 13- and 11-year old nieces and finally get around to seeing it in the next year. Plus... probably my first ever cruise. This is going to be a year of firsts, I think.

Paris -- By far my least "adventurous" pick for the next twelve months, but I can't avoid it any longer. I have spent a fair bit of time in France in the last four to six months, but haven't dove into the capital yet. I love the food and wine I find there, but... I have had a love/hate relationship with the French all this year. Mostly hate. I have been waiting on Paris for the right occasion and I sort of feel like this is the year.

I have been feeling pretty stagnant with my traveling in the past year. Though I have been getting a lot of work done, its time for me to get back out there and do some more actual travel. Where do you suggest I give a go in the next 12 months?

Would love your feedback.