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Reaching The Land Of Age-Nostic: 10 Tips


It was in 2002 when I went to my first talk on anti-aging medicine. It was held in Sydney and only around 20 people attended. I had been researching the subject for a while so I had enough basic knowledge to realize that I simply wanted to know more. It was at this talk that I first heard about human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone treatment for men, and how it could rejuvenate and roll back the clock. As I had just passed the magic milestone of 40, had been married for 10 years, had two young children and very little financial security, I was more than eager to look into the whole anti-aging philosophy to help secure a better future.

One of the factors that helped spur me down the anti-ageing path was the feeling that at the age of 40, I was behind others. Peers had greater material possessions, career stability and other things. I had always kept myself fit, but wanted to feel 40 when I reached 50.

By 2008, I had been global CEO for a big international company for almost eight years. I was living between London and Sydney, one month each for almost four years, and was regularly visiting another 10 to 15 countries at the same time. I was the last to see it, but the pressure, hours and travel were taking their toll. I was successful in many ways, and had achieved my ambition some years before by coming back from a seemingly impossible position. I had a beautiful home in Sydney, a farm and investment properties, but despite all this success and wealth, I was in trouble and knew it. I was having a mid-life crisis, although I wasn't quite sure what that was.

My marriage collapsed completely, which was totally my fault. I had become interested in anti-aging medicine some years before, and experimented with many different things to slow down the ageing process. I certainly believe I could not have achieved what I have without being in good shape, both inside and out. But I am far from perfect, and I went through my own periods of being very much the opposite.

Ten Tips To Start Your Own Age-nostic Journey

Even if you only follow these tips and nothing else, you will be well on your way to becoming an age-nostic man:

1. It's never too late to change.
2. Don't get trapped in something you are not happy doing.
3. Don't stay when you know it's time to go.
4. Don't let your age stop you from chasing your dreams.
5. Never let those around you say you are too old to take risks.
6. Kids are important, but so are you.
7. Don't let money rule your life and stop you taking risks.
8. Don't let your father's fears become your own.
9. If you hate what you are doing, put a plan together to do something new.
10. You still have a choice.

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