03/29/2013 06:07 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2014

Underwear Pranks for April Fool's

Pulling off a stellar April Fool's prank is delicate business. Since we're in the business of delicates over at The Underwear Expert, we thought some playful underwear tricks might be in order this year.

Since we also have the utmost respect for undergarments of all kinds, we advise staying away from anything that leads to irreparable damage or total destruction. April Fool's is supposed to be fun after all, so we'll leave schoolyard antics aside.

Below are a few of our favorite underwear pranks for this April Fool's Day. Some require you have intimate access to the underwear drawer of a roomie or loved one, and some you can pull off with just one special pair and whole lot of moxie.

#5 The Great Underwear Ball

Remember the childhood art of making giant rubber band balls? Apparently, some folks have actually achieved the same feat using their friends' underwear. The man in this picture is famous for his dexterous use of bras, but we're pretty sure the same stunt would be possible with men's briefs and jockstraps as well.

#4 The Underwear-Mobile

With a bit more time and unlimited access to pink fabric and frills, we suggest dressing up your friend's car in a giant thong. Yes, a giant thong. No lace required. This one requires some serious draping skills -- it would also be perfect for a car sponsor challenge on Project Runway.

#3 Underwear On Ice

This one is pretty simple: all you have to do is wait until your pal falls asleep on March 31st, steal a pair of his undies, get them slightly damp, and fold them up nicely in the freezer. In the morning, put them back on top of the pile and your friend will start his day with an icy-cool blast down below -- just when he thought it was finally spring!

#2 Operation Underwear Freedom Flags

The idea is to decorate your home with a homemade batch of underwear flags strung up from room to room. This one might work best if you offer to pick up or wash your special someone's laundry, then surprise them in the morning with the fruits of your artistic labors. We suggest using this photo as inspiration.

#1 The Underwear Daredevil

If you're something of an exhibitionist, you might even grab a pair of tuxedo underwear and don them to a social event or a night on the town. Cars will swerve, heads will turn and jaws will drop. The invitation said black tie afterall.

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