06/12/2015 03:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Groovy Paisley Underwear Looks

The history of paisley prints dates back to ancient Persia. These days, we see paisley everywhere - from formal neck and bow ties, to casual scarves - to underwear. Paisley underwear can either make you look like an on-trend hipster or a contemporary man that appreciates all aesthetics, whether they be feminine or masculine.

Perry Ellis paisley underwear is perfect for the all-American, white collar worker. The design is more reserved and provides full coverage. The colors are simple: black and blue, and the cut is loose.

Levi's 200 Neats Bandana Trunk has a similar look and feel, and yet is more casual with a paisley teardrop print.

The Mundo Unico Recife Short Boxer also has a classic look to it, but is a bit more youthful with the addition of brighter colors.

BR4SS and Jor set their paisley underwear up to have a more schoolboy type of charm, and the bad boy in the class would be wearing the BR4SS Bandana Boxers.

Jor's Sahara Brief is the only pair of paisley underwear in our photoshoot to not have a two-color contrast. Rather, it has a Far East type of look, and brings to mind the 70s' Summer of Love. Paisley originally became more trendy in the 1970s, post-India trip for The Beatles. The floral print has been associated with Hinduism, and different cultures believe that the print relates to peace, love, and life. We can get behind that - the paisley prints on these underwear looks gives us life, too!


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