01/14/2014 10:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Match Your Underwear To Your Mood

Planning your outfit for the day -- right down to your underwear, believe it or not -- can actually tell a lot about a person. Like a mood ring, the colors you choose to express yourself with on any chosen occasion may depict a certain emotion or feeling you may not even be aware you're giving off. Here at The Underwear Expert, we decided it'd be fun to see what your favorite pair of colored trunks say about you when you're wearing them.


1. Dark blue

Love-struck, blissed-out, deeply-relaxed you! Not a bad way to start!

2. Red

It's true what they say, red is the color of love, romance and warmth. Perfect for a Friday night (who are we kidding -- red is perfect for any night), you're probably feeling quite affectionate if you're wearing this hue.

3. Dark green

Dark green signals mixed emotions and restlessness; if you're worried or anxious, you might be rocking shades of this color.

4. Orange

Nerves flare up with orange tones; it could be the middle of a long week, or the beginning of a work presentation. Feeling stressed? Try swapping to a cooler color, like violet or light blue.

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