02/15/2013 01:10 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Do Women Look Better in Men's Underwear?

Pictures of women in men's underwear have been mostly confined to the pages of glossy editorials (e.g. Beyonce in GQ) and we were fine with that... until Britney stepped out in men's boxers to go to the vet. Don't get us wrong, she looked like a disaster. So much that the world literally stopped as millions of curious eyeballs wondered what she could have been possibly thinking with that outfit. When we saw the picture, however, we didn't get nauseous, but curious. Is men's underwear finally a legitimate choice for women's fashion?

We're guessing it's not, but we've heard our fair share of stories from women who prefer men's underwear to women's, so we had to ask the question. Could men's underwear be transitioning from under the clothes to a legit piece of apparel for some women?

We compiled a list of our top five favorite women in men's underwear to get better informed. Head to The Underwear Expert for our gallery of women in men's underwear, and let us know here what you think. Do you wear men's underwear? If so, are they inside or out?