06/29/2010 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Los Angeles Film Festival: Video Interview With Director Aaron Schock About Circo

Most documentaries about Mexico tend to focus on its embattled northern border--tales of drug wars and desperate migrants. In Circo, we're led into the belly of rural Mexico, town by town. New York director Aaron Schock offered LAFF audiences his ravishing portrait of a century-old Mexican circus dynasty as they struggle to survive their country's changes. Schock not only proves that a solitary filmmaker can prevail in terra incognita (he shot completely solo), but reveals more truth about how a family barely holds together than any reality-TV show. Most compelling are the bewitching children born into the ring, and the questions the film asks about whether they are lucky or trapped. To hear what Schock has to say about making Circo, click here:

Los Angeles Film Festival: Aaron Schock discusses his documentary, CIRCO. from Michael Kurcfeld on Vimeo.