01/20/2016 09:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The VFL Automotive Force 1 Is An American Born Supercar Just For The Affluent

The newest toy for the ultra-affluent is now gaining steam - the American made VFL Automotive Force 1 supercar that's been created by Henrik Fisker.


From the rear, you get the glimpse of car that is as sexy as the DB10 Aston Martin, as stylish as the new Corvette and yet seductively curved to be its own unique offering (it's rumored that Aston Martin was going to take legal action but backed down at the last second).

An elongated hood offers air vents that are ribbed, and a gaudy yet graceful carbon-fiber wing complements the rear. Low-cut sides scoop into a ground FX kit, silhouetting the augmented, curvy doors and equally as curvy windows. A signature body design leaves your eyes following the indents and swoops, which all meet at the rear in harmony.

Yep, this car is a looker. Its designer, Henrik Fisker, fully intended it to be these three things when creating it: American born and made, a wealthy man's toy and a way to show off your money. How idealistic. Wait, we meant: materialistic.

"This is an American supercar, and American cars are always about 'show what you got--be upfront,'" Fisker said. "European cars are more about what's underneath. But this is all about showing the power."

A long hood on the front is extra-long for a reason. Underneath it is a monstrous 8.4 liter V10 engine that can churn out an impressive 745-horsepower. That kind of power enables it to hit 60 MPH in just three seconds flat.

As for the car being powered by gasoline, Fisker isn't too worried. "We will have electric cars in the future, but just like we don't want to eat salad every day, we want a steak very once in a while, or maybe a dessert. This is steak and dessert," he said.

A glance at the interior depicts premium leather, complete with bottle holders in the center armrest, a classy gauge cluster and paddle shifters on the steering wheel. We'd presume that tech features include a premium audio system with HD radio, GPS, Bluetooth/iPod/USB integration and more. But we're just guessing here.

As far as the other features that the car will boast, who knows. Fisker is not allowing test drives presently. But this could all change in the near future.

What will such a gorgeous American car run? It starts at $268,500.

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