02/19/2008 03:35 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Between Barack and a Hard Place

Messages to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from Michael Lutin:

The lunar eclipse this week hits them both hard.

And whatever happens now will be finished off during the first week of May, so I have sent them both a few words about the eclipse.

Dear Mr O,

When Saturn culminates and moves forward in May, you'll be coping with the tastes of the fickle public as well as the pressures of big business. That's the deal when Saturn is up at the top of an astrological chart. When that moment comes (only once every 30 years -- the last time was when you were about 18), even though you have been offered a huge opportunity to bring all your efforts to fruition, and that it is your moment to rise above your fellow citizens, gain greatness and be looked up to as a leader, you have to get hip to the fact that you're not merely being guided by the Forces of Good.

Besides your burning desire to make your contribution, your Big Chance is coming in part from the male patriarchy that is still holding on for dear life like a bunch of survivors of a shipwreck to a piece of floating, water-soaked log. Although you may not see it yet, you will be expected to pay up. Even though your wishes to be of service could be rewarded, there are always heavy political repercussions that lie behind such desires to serve.

In May, ardent supporters could turn out not to be, and those who have been encouraging, could withdraw or disappear. Although you refuse to be intimidated, by premonitions, warnings and fears that there are forces lurking about waiting for the chance to do you in, you always have to remember that nobody is immune to the consequences of ambition.

Dear Mrs. C -- for you, Hillary, your solar Saturn is in a slightly different position. It's partly a function of age and the last time it was here you were a little over 30. As Saturn moves away from the top of your solar horoscope, you simply cannot be attached to the outcome. You have stand back and not allow yourself to be affected by what's going on or the friends who have deserted you. Of course you still want to come out on top (you're a Scorpio, don't forget), but you may not realize how much good luck you are actually having right now. By now you should have already figured out that your real contribution is public service, not power. You've got to be tired of your own Lady Macbeth thing, with all the clutching and clawing that go with it. It has done you in before, and you know that too many mad, manipulative tactics and cutthroat motives will not work. You've already lost too many friends that way. You must be coming to realize that the best and wisest path is to make your bid directly to the people, to care more sincerely for them and steer clear of the narcissistic power trip your enemies have always accused you of being on.

We all know that you have given up much personal happiness and have made many emotional sacrifices, so we get exactly why you believe you have earned the right to win. Be Zen, though.

The first week of May will tell the tale.