09/30/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Memories of My Life in Auschwitz -- Courtesy of Wikipedia


Well, there goes the whole theory of 'crowd sourcing'.

I don't have much of a Wikipedia entry (feel free to add to it if you like - everyone else does)...

... but for several years it has been the focus of some ridiculous and intense 'editing' (and not by me).

Edit... change... edit... change... edit... change.

For a long time the locus of this redaction was in the first line.

"Michael Rosenblum is a Jewish TV Producer." I would take out "Jewish," they (whoever they are) would put it back in. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In.

(Note: I am Jewish, but this had, to my mind, no bearing on my professional credentials. Plus, I had the feeling it was not B'nai Brith who kept putting it in.)

In any event, finally, a very kind Wiki editor (I think) named Andy Mabbett put some kind of freeze on my little entry (without the yellow star), and so it was over... or so I thought.

I guess the freeze is over because this morning, according to Wikipedia, I am not only a "Jewish Television producer" but also a Holocaust Survivor!


I am about to celebrate my 59th birthday in October -- an event which has caused me enormous depression.

Now, suddenly I have reason to celebrate!

As I was interned in Auschwitz in 1939 (you didn't know??? Just read it in Wikipedia) when I was 15 years old (why not?), I am now, not about to celebrate my 59th birthday, but rather my 89th. And what good shape I am in!

(And look at my young wife!!!)

"How do you do it, Mr. Rosenblum? How do you manage to stay in such good shape and look so young at the age of 89?"

It's all thanks to Wikipedia!

(So don't believe everything you read there. Or anything, apparently).