09/14/2007 04:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Apparently Mitt Didn't Get The Memo

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is joining the chorus against His campaign made the case in its latest e-mail for Democratic candidates to 'repudiate' the online advocacy group for its 'General Betray Us' ad in the print edition of Monday's New York Times.

Romney takes aim at Democratic presidential frontrunners Hiilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards, insisting they'll find good bedfellows in the form of other Democrats who have 'condemned the ad.'

There's just one problem here. For one of the 'Democrats' who has condemned the ad, Romney offers up the following:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) Called MoveOn's Attack "Despicable." "The personal attack on Gen. David Petraeus launched today by is an outrageous and despicable act of slander that every member of the Congress -- Democrat and Republican -- has a solemn responsibility to condemn. ... We must reject the slander of this brave soldier and patriot." (Sen. Joe Lieberman, "Lieberman Urges Leader Reid And Speaker Pelosi To Denounce Attack On General Petraeus," Press Release, 9/10/07)

The good people at the Romney Press Shop might want to take a closer look at the Senator's website:

In 2006, Senator Lieberman was elected to a fourth term as an Independent, because of the strength of his record and his accomplishments for the state. He won the general election by more than 100,000 votes. He remains committed to caucusing with Senate Democrats, but will be identified as an Independent Democrat (ID-CT).