09/18/2007 09:51 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gravitas Test: Pundit Jonah Goldberg vs. ex-Deputy Attorney General Jim Comey

Pundit and columnist Jonah Goldberg is fulfilling his quota for the day at the National Review's The Corner by arguing that morale in the Justice Department has not been lowered by the antics of recently departed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Jonah offers up anonymous e-mails from supposed Justice Department staffers as evidence:

This whole notion that "morale is terrible" at DOJ is a press created fantasy that simply plays into the Dems storyline about Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, who first sent out the warning that Justice Department morale was on the decline? That would be ex-Deputy Attorney General James Comey, who served under both John Ashcroft and Gonzales and knows a thing or two about the Justice Department and our nation's US Attorneys. He talked about the problem in May before the House Judiciary Committee:

With the continuing controversy now spanning more than three months, and with calls for Gonzales to resign coming from both political parties, Comey described the atmosphere at Justice Department headquarters. "Certainly, it has caused a morale hit here at Main Justice, the mothership," he said. "But I hope it doesn't affect that which is essential about this institution, and that is the ability to do good every day and to protect people and to help people."

Who you gonna believe?