06/07/2011 11:47 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2011

Liar, Liar: Yet Another Politician Exposes Himself

Today I watched another federal legislator make a teary eyed apology to his family and constituents for inappropriate behavior. After spending a few days lying about sending lewd photographs of himself to women he met online, Congressman Weiner apologized during a press conference. I wonder why people charged with the responsibility of legislating morality frequently act so stupidly.

I don't know anything about Weiner, other than he pledged to serve his country honorably. He strikes me as having incredibly poor judgment for someone who holds such power. He provides yet another example of how easily power corrupts.

The actions of America's government, the "leaders" of our country, have little influence on my life. That wasn't always the case. Much earlier in my sentence I used to obsess over news about leaders in all three branches of government. As a federal prisoner, I used to live with hope that they would recognize that -- as human beings -- we all make bad decisions from time to time. Yet in an enlightened society, mechanisms should exist for individuals to work toward redemption.

After more than 24 years of imprisonment, I no longer seek redemption from external forces. Instead, I strive to contribute to society and live as the best man that I can become. Our government leaders don't have any problem asking forgiveness for their own indiscretions, no matter how absurd. Yet they are not so benevolent when it comes to forgiving the transgressions of others.