12/14/2012 11:23 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2013


The Second Amendment is a deal with the devil and I'm sick to death of being party to a deal I never made. The ignorant, illogical and ideologically perverted -- whether around your dinner table, on your Facebook page, at your office, on Fox News or in Washington -- have been in charge of the gun laws in this country for far too long. There is an awakening majority of us out here who are ready to rise up and protect our children. Today has to be the beginning of that rising.

I can't stop thinking about the unimaginable phone call those parents in Sandy Hook received, that their child had been shot and killed. I can't shake the image of children who had never encountered violence before, now forced to experience it with such bloody and horrific finality. I can't stop picturing the piles of presents in all those homes that were lovingly hidden away for a holiday that was just tragically replaced by a funeral.

The sane have a message for the insane who mock and decry anyone who raises their voice against guns in a country with more gun violence than any other in the free world. We have a message for those who sell that insidious brand of snake oil that convinces its customers that their freedom is forever under attack. We have a message for politicians who are afraid to stand up for us because they think the loudest are somehow the scariest. You don't know what scary is.

Scary is what those children and their teachers endured, and scary is what those parents might not endure. The force of evil that landed in that community is breathtaking in its power to destroy. But there is another power out here, a power that has just opened its eyes. It's the power of those of us who think that the freedom to own a high powered killing machine is outweighed by the freedom to drop your children off at school without worrying that some demented monster might kill them with that very same gun.

Enough is enough, and it was enough a long time ago. To those who disagree with us, we're done debating reason with the unreasonable. To those who think you can wait out the grief and things will go back to guns-as-usual, you should know you're no longer fighting a sleeping giant. We are here. We are angry. And we are awake.