03/29/2008 06:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: Iraq Civil War - Day 3: Beyond Mickey Mouse


This goes way beyond Mickey Mouse.

The U.S. has been pulled into a civil war between Shiite factions;
fighting is raging in multiple cities;
Baghdad is under curfew;
the Green Zone has been hit multiple times

... and today's newswire proudly offers us an image of a US soldier, armed to the teeth, stepping out of a bathroom that has been newly renovated by coalition forces in Diyala province!

The irony of this "accomplishment" is epic. Along that same level, I assume Minnie is modeling the protective gear designed to insulate U.S. troops from the shit storm that's bearing down now.

Oh, and the roses, I love the roses!

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(image: David Furst/AFP. via YahooNews)