01/21/2009 04:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reading The Pictures: As Bush Flies, Cheney Rolls

Cheney Inaug.jpg

Regardless how innocent the reason, the fact Cheney departed the office Tuesday in a wheelchair brought a number of strong reactions to the photo from my readership at BAGnewsNotes. Here's a sample:

>> This is pure theatre and is absolutely impossible to believe. An attempt at presenting a weakened or sympathetic image in the face of a very real threat of criminal prosecution. (Thomas)

>> I wouldn't be surprised if this maneuver was simply his way of being disrespectful and she he would not be standing when Obama took the Oath of Office. (Asta)

>> A vivid flashback to one of my favorites, Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. (Montana)

>> My impression is that Cheney is held together with band aids and glue. One of them busted, but I'm grateful for the metaphor and only sorry that he's sitting on the part the door should be hitting. (Karen)

>> Anyone watching NBC's coverage might have heard Brokaw actually say (out loud, even, though very quickly) that it's unfortunate the Cheney is in a wheelchair because he doesn't want to invite a Dr. Strangelove comparison. The quick statement was followed by a few seconds of what seemed to be awkward silence - I don't think anyone could believe he actually said it out loud. Priceless. (AJ)

>> Re: "An attempt at presenting a weakened or sympathetic image in the face of a very real threat of criminal prosecution." Hey, it worked for Pinochet! (Hermetically Sealed)

>> yg offered this link to explain the smirk (relating how a last minute decision by a federal judge has given Cheney discretion to decide what documents to preserve for history).

And then, expressing the unspeakable anger so many feel toward the man, shpx.ohfu offered this.

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(image: Larry Downing/Reuters. White House, January 20, 2009. Dick Cheney leaving the White House as Vice-President for the final time. Cheney injured his back moving boxes.)