10/16/2005 02:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reading The Pictures: FOX Trackers


If this picture was worth the full thousand words, what would it say about the Homeland Security Agency?

A crucial part of the the department is the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection (IAIP) Directorate. Its job is to protect America's most critical infrastructure, which the agency lists as "commercial assets (e.g., stock exchanges), Government facilities, dams, nuclear power plants, national monuments and icons, chemical plants, bridges, and tunnels." In addition, they are responsible for preventing cyber attacks, as well as monitoring "activities and access to current information" related to nuclear plants and chemical manufacturers.

With such a critical role to play in monitoring our infrastructure, why are these guys sitting around monitoring FOX News? And, if Homeland Security was interested in avoiding charges of cronyism and the politicizing of the department, how intelligent was it to use this photo to represent the IAIP on the White House/Homeland Security website? And, if you really cared about your image, wouldn't you want to run an image showing employees that, at least, looked like they were busy?

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