02/07/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reading the Super Bowl Pictures: Just the Usual Racial Violence ... and Liberals in Logging Accidents

Here's my Take-Away on this Superbowl ad and corporate media's "critique"):

TIME wants to obliquely touch on marital wars, but they completely sidestep the issue of race in this supposed critique of the Pepsi Max Superbowl ad.  Not that the ad had anything to do with the the industrious white woman (yeah, a jogger, but reads like a soccer mom) getting attacked by a black couple soaking up all the product and all the attention, though. (No, any analogy to the Obamas or Michelle would probably be a far stretch, would it? Although who's to say its "appeal" wouldn't be lost on the Tea Party demographic out there).  So, I guess all that's going on here, besides the racial violence, is just one more instance where the black man, who can't help getting turned on by just the whiff of a hot white girl, gets emasculated by his black, uppity, second-rate wife.

And then, the Snickers' ad seems like a political and class warfare power fantasy as the outspoken far-left liberal Roseanne Barr gets taken out at a logging camp and the stereotyped whiney New York yuppified Richard Lewis gets ripped as a slacker until he eats a Snickers and morphs into a macho lumberjack himself. More power to Snickers at the expense of women and the quiche eaters.

(See our full take on the Super Bowl Snickers ad mowing down liberals in a logging accident at The Bag)


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