05/08/2014 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Open-and-Shut Assault Case Against Occupy Activist, Cecily McMillan: Just Look at the Pictures

cecily mcmillan

Officer Bovell certainly not the aggressor and certainly appreciative of any misunderstanding after elbowed by Cecily McMillan when he grabbed her from behind.

cecily mcmillan

Larger angle of Reuters shot as multiple other Occupy hooligans are snatched up.

cecily mcmillan

cecily mcmillan

Certainly not the arm of Officer Bovell grabbing McMillan from behind in the neighborhood of her right breast before she swung backwards with her elbow in the following video:

cecily mcmillan

Officer Bovell (surely unjustly accused in an assault charge by another Occupier) certainly not continuing to mete out justice for the elbow, his right hand still nowhere in the vicinity of McMillan's chest, in this shot from the Lanyon photos published at Gawker.

Obviously, it's a self-inflicted bruises above Cecily McMillan's right breast, right? as established in the even-handed trial.


Somehow, defendant's lawyer and Officer Bovell not seeing eye to eye over his assault.

Sixteen minute video of McMillan obviously faking a seizure while paramedics surely have better things to do for the first eight minutes, upon which, they clearly have the situation in hand before summoning ambulance another eight minutes later.

cecily mcmillan

There's conviction, and there's conviction.

For the photo that ultimately sums up what this story is about, see the full post at BagNewsNotes.


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