11/16/2012 03:00 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

Jets Would Rather Lose With Sanchez Than Win With Tebow

Lost in the saga over unnamed Jets players ripping Tim Tebow is the clear indication that they would rather lose with Mark Sanchez as quarterback than win with Tebow. We take for granted that every player has the internal drive to want to win, and that it's the only thing that matters.

Now with the Jets players speaking out against Tebow to the Daily News, it's apparent that as long as they have a quarterback who throws a prettier spiral, they will accept losing, and actually would prefer it. Having that kind of attitude from your roster speaks to their 3-6 record more than any game film could.

According to the Daily News, several players called Tebow "terrible." Another quote from the article: "Now we're depending on miracles?" a member of the organization said. "You can't play that way." And finally: "Hell, no!" another starter said. "You got to keep defenses honest. You just can't line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won't work."

It worked last year when Tebow shredded your defense in a 95-yard late fourth quarter touchdown drive.

Another thing that's lost in all of this is the inexplicable insistence that NFL coaches, scouts and experts have that you must look and play a certain way to be a successful quarterback. Winning doesn't matter if you drop back and your footwork looks like a prototypical quarterback. And if you got a nice throwing motion and pretty spiral, heck, an 0-16 record is acceptable. A little hyperbole, yes, but by how much?

Here's a question that every Tebow critic should answer honestly: Is there another example in history where a second year quarterback, who won two NCAA championships and a Heisman trophy, comes from the bench to lead his 1-4 team into the playoffs, and wins a playoff game against the best defense in the league, only to be kicked out of town after the season and sign with another team to be the punters personal protector?

If an outside observer who didn't know about the Tebow drama heard this happened, that person would be in shock. And then if you told that person the reason this all happened is because he didn't have a pretty throwing motion while he was winning, what would that person's reaction be?

Yet week after week, year after year, and now apparently team after team continue to have this debate as if it's a legitimate one. The Jets are the second team to prefer the style of a quarterback over the end result.

The critics say his style is not made for the long run, but there's no such thing as the long run in the NFL. If Tim Tebow can lead your team into the playoffs and Super Bowl for only three seasons, then you ride it until he can't. And when he can't, you release him like you would any other quarterback or player.

A day later Tebow responded to the Daily News about the criticism, "I don't need to stop and wonder why. That doesn't help me. It can be a little frustrating or saddening, but at the same time, you're always motivated to go out there and keep working."

Sorry Tim, it doesn't matter how hard you work, what matters is how pretty you look doing it. Right, NFL "experts"?