06/23/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Is Steve Jobs Off His Meds?

Steve Jobs is either having fun or going nuts--it's sometimes easy to mistake that tonal difference in an email, quite a few of which Steve has been firing off recently (reflexive emailing is a sure sign of agitation).

Steve's upset seemed to start with the cartoonist, Steve Fiore, winning a Pulitzer prize and then it turning out that Apple had rejected his iPhone app because, apparently, it ridiculed public figures--"a tough one to get around if you're a political cartoonist," said Fiore. Immediately after Fiore won his Pulitzer, Apple backtracked and put his app into the Apple store, prompting Jobs to respond to an email from a customer that it had all been a mistake--pay no attention.

There have been more emails from Steve since the Fiore mess. This is where the tone problem kicks in. You might read Steve's emails as just a display of arrogance and dismissiveness born of owning the world--that is, fun. Or, it could be he's just cranky about having his new phone left in a bar (although, frankly, I figure, it's as likely to have been a nicely executed publicity stunt--it's Apple, come on). Or it could be something closer to a type of messianic righteousness and fury--i.e., nuts.

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