11/14/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Repeat After Me: 'The Czars Are Ruining America!'

There is a way Republicans talk that is different than how Democrats talk. Republicans, coming from business backgrounds -- or very much admiring their contributors who do -- talk in buzz words, short-hand, and marketing speak. They're always on message. (True Mad Men are Republicans.) Democrats, on their long tangents, are academic wannabes who muck up and complicate everything.

Hence, the Democrats are always scrambling against a rhetoric that they can't parry and don't ever seem to have anticipated.

Now it's the czars. The Republicans, in something of a tour de force of rhetoric, are making a baroque bureaucratic status a political hot button issue.

Czars are... well I cannot quite tell you what czars are and neither can the Republicans, who have made this very lack of definition part of their cause. They are, these "czars," in effect, presidential advisers -- in the Roosevelt brain trust tradition that Democrats so admire -- with varying portfolios. They are the same supernumeraries who always run around governments. The only difference is that they got dubbed czars.

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