09/02/2010 10:02 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Nutters Are Coming to Town

How many nutters will have the opportunity to come to Washington after November?

Will they be so few as to be merely eccentrics, or so many as to be the new normal?

There is a fine and peculiar balance here between an establishment which regards tea party-sponsored candidates as ignorant and racist, and them becoming the establishment.

This is partly because of the nature of Washington and especially the political media. These heretofore nutters become people of influence. Influence is more important than reason and intelligence.

The American establishment, curiously, is extremely accepting. It's the outlandish and the peculiar -- the nutters and their adherents -- who are not. These are, after all, the people who, against all democratic norms and procedures, continue to insist that the president is illegitimate.

There is not, from the liberal side, with its love of being part of the establishment, a similar lobby whose raison d'être is to reject and demonize and mock and deride and undermine the new nutter class that, very likely, is about to come to power.

The liberal press, so derided by the conservative press, will, in short order, if the nutters prevail, treat them in incredibly earnest fashion.

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