09/11/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2013

From Black Cloud, White Ash

...Not here where I live
where just 20 minutes
before the first air-
craft hit, my-first
born waited
beneath at Station Stop World
Trade Center
for a connecting train
as watching the sky
from our corner
in our corner
of the world
I prayed aloud
on my corner
in frozen time
as people pray every day
in all corners
of the globe
to that same God
the pilots invoked
as they slammed
streamlined weaponry
into the clean-
Yamasaki works
sending so many souls
to Kingdom
as I stand
on my corner,
God in my corner
God in our corner
God in every corner
God in the planes
thinking not
here on holy ground I
pray I will
soon hear
the voice of my son
and his father
thinking not here
where as I invoked
the so-called "Father"
who takes no prisoners
nor sides
the God who takes
life and grants it, the God
the morning's assassins
aimed to please
whose ambition
it was to see
my hometown

Not here where
I trust
reclaimed a favored team
of fire-eating exemplars
Arc-angels recalled
to God's realm
gargantuan souls
fashioned out of dirt
into whom God breathed
the white cloud of Holy
Spirit who died
breathing into
like God into dust
carrying bodies
like God toward light
expiring in valor
as in prayer
in ramped up states
of Grace, God's name
the last word
on reedy breath
God's name swirling sweet
in the stench of smoke
God's power in jacked cops' and fire-fighters' arms
God's trumpeting emissaries triumphant
bringing life out
of dust...

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