06/20/2014 02:35 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

6 Reasons You Should Propose During the World Cup

Michael H via Getty Images

I recently read an article in the Plymouth Herald that stated that the World Cup would actually cause the number of marriage proposals to plummet due to the world turning its attention to the big game. The World Cup is huge and even people that aren't really into soccer can't help but get patriotic and root for their country during this epic playoff series. But fellas, that's no reason to put off proposing. In fact, I have come up with the top 6 reasons you should propose during the World Cup. After reading my practical and completely self-serving points, I think you will agree.


Anyone that is going through the proposal process knows how expensive it can be. So what if I told you that you may be able to get discounts by proposing during this time? Well, that's exactly what I am telling you. Engagement ring sales are down in Europe due to the World Cup... sounds like you have some negotiating power doesn't it? Weren't planning on buying your engagement ring in Europe? You may want to re-consider if it will save you some cash.


This summer people will be rushing to the pubs, sports bars, and anywhere else that has a big screen TV to watch the World Cup. That means less people are heading to luxury hotel lounges and other exotic venues that you can book to host your proposal. Take advantage of the world craze!

Great Backstory

When you come up with the perfect proposal idea, you always have to find a way to get her to the proposal location without being obvious. If she already knows you are proposing, then telling her that you are having a World Cup party will be the perfect excuse to get her to come over without raising any red flags. And imagine the shock she will feel when she walks in and instead of seeing a bunch of men drinking beer and eating pretzels, she sees candles, flowers, and you in a suit.

Friends and Family

The World Cup is a very festive time and friends and families often get together to watch the game. Rather than propose at a different time, take advantage of the fact that your friends and families are already together and save yourself some headache in throwing an engagement party. They are already together so it makes the engagement announcement even easier!


I know you don't even want to think about this but let's say your team doesn't win the World Cup. Imagine how much less terrible you will feel if at least the love of your life agreed to marry you! And on the flip side, if your team wins AND your girlfriend says yes, you will be on top of the world!


Last but not least, being a woman I can say that it is very romantic when a man skips watching a game just to spend time with you. You are sure to impress your girlfriend by asking her to do something romantic on a big game night. Just make sure to set the DVR and do not check your phone throughout the night.

There you have it guys. Six practical and completely self-serving reasons why you should run out, get the ring, and score with an awesome proposal during the World Cup. You can thank me later.