03/14/2008 10:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Fix Video: How Do You Hook Up?

Sometimes politics and the weather isn't enough. A better conversation starter? Bring up safety pins. After researching the humble utility device, it became apparent everyone associates them with something.

A rundown of all the ways a safety pin can be used:

- Jewelry (watch the video about jeweler Katharine Sise)

- mending straps, hems, small tears, or off-the-rack horrific-fitting clothing

-cloth diapers

-keeping a bra strap, scarf, or tie in place

- Vivienne Westwood's upscale diamond versions

- glasses (apparently, at Artsee Eyewear, a great glasses boutique, the best seller is a pair of shades pre-made with safety pins)

-fixing drawstring sweatpants

-proclaiming best friendships with beads worn on your shoe laces

-holding together a little black dress (Elizabeth Hurley in that Versace number)

- busty button-down shirt issues

-the new pepper spray

- securing zipper tabs

- splinters

-reupholstering furniture

-attaching mittens to your coat

-DIY brooches

And I must give my sincerest gratitude to John Halstead, Alex Power, Danny Chaimson, Elyse Roth and Katharine Sise for getting The Fix fixed, if you will.

But, now, it's your turn. What do you use safety pins for?