04/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

American Idol Weekly Recap and Predictions

This week's American Idol narrowed down the playing field to not twelve but thirteen singers looking for their big break in making it to the top. After callers voted -- Jasmine, Anoop, and Jorge were in the bottom. With the option from the judges (one save in the entire season) to keep one of them, Jasmine and Jorge were both sent home.

My opinion, Anoop and Jorge both should have been sent packing. Jasmine, only 16 years old, in my opinion would have been able to surpass many others in weeks ahead if given a little more time to show her colors; her voice is awesome and in the end I believe she many have been in the top five, but we'll never really know.

Jasmine, use this as a stepping stone and next year try out again -- I believe you will go far in life, but your voice will guide you even farther!

Hope this wasn't another Jennifer Hudson mistake. Tonight, I predict Adam and Lil to rock it out in the end, but that's this week's prediction, with Idol all things are possible and you can never underestimate the voters/callers.

Michelle Bart is a freelance writer for many national publications. She is also owner of Helping Heroes Productions a national marketing and public relations' corporation. She can be reached at