09/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama-Biden: A Hope for Change!

Denver, CO - Senator Barack Obama not only rocked the Mile High Stadium in Denver tonight he took it all the way home for a touch down! The past four days have been nothing but amazing for Democrats and for All Americans! The entire production [at both venues] were award-winning extravaganzas and met the objective of reenergizing the delegates and guests alike! The addresses from President Clinton and Senator Clinton proved that not only are they class acts, they are team players!

Hillary was my choice for President; she has the experience, education, and the ability to get the job done and her resume speaks for itself, but the people spoke and the next best person will lead our nation back on our feet! Obama's address was well written, delivered, and gave the 80,000+ people in attendance the HOPE we all need to get our lives back to the norm.

As someone who has suffered many losses this past year with health, business, finances, and hope, Barack and his team have rebuilt my faith that CHANGE is on the horizon and in do time the American Dream will be back within reach!

If you want CHANGE, we must pull together and make it happen on November 4th. Thank you to the DNC and the entire production team for hosting, directing, and producing a historical four-day convention! Lastly, thank you to Hilary Rosen, Larry King, and the entire CNN team for a job well-done on the coverage of a convention I will never forget; the reports, views, and coverage made for an everlasting experience!

- Michelle A. Bart, Helping Heroes 2008