12/06/2013 01:20 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

You Are What You Eat? You Are What You Repeat

In the age of chia seeds, gluten free everything and the popularity of Whole Foods, books like Fast Food Nation, almond milk and the organic and green juice revolution, we've all heard "You are what you eat." Most of us want to live long and stay strong, so we consciously do our best to eat what will give us the best chance to do that.

Just around the corner, however, lives the "we are what we repeat" movement and it's just as important. What you're repeating in your everyday life is guiding you. Many times taking you on a five-, 10- or 15-year detour from your soul's purpose. The question is -- how much is it steering you off track in this very moment, and how much massaging do you need to get back to what you're truly meant to accomplish in this life?

Here's the start of your review:

• What do you repeatedly say yes to?
• What you do say no to when yes would serve you?
• What habits, shows, songs and books call you home?
• Who do you repeatedly spend time with? (What's their brand of thought?)
• What words do you choose to use most often?
• What type of spaces and environments do you frequent?

In short, is the theme of what you repeat everyday gifting you what you desire most in life, business and your most important relationships; to live a life with less and less regret?

Just like your daily green smoothies, every single piece of repeat pie has a domino effect on the results at your next soul happiness checkup and, it stems from one place, and one only.

As poet E.E. Cummings may say to introduce this next beautiful bit of wisdom, "here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud/ and the sky of the sky of a tree called life..." The seed and newsfeed to your actions and, ultimately your destiny, are your thoughts.

An additional radical review:

• What do you have on constant loop in that gorgeous (and cheeky) mind of yours? Is it that you can or can't?
• What thoughts replay as you fall down, make a mistake or fall asleep?
• What thoughts do you wake and work to?
• What is your mantra (or for the moms out there raising the next generation of soulful young humans, what is your typical mom-inspired mantra or "momtra")? Is it empowering you to be the mother of your own reinvention or to shrink when your kids want to emulate your shine?

The theme of repeated thoughts is either helping or hindering you in making empowered decisions that are in harmony with who you are really meant to be in this life.

Our thousands of thoughts per day (!) pave the road to what we experience as reality. And this is why. Thoughts determine the golden string of everything that comes after them. They help inspire and guide our brand of words, actions and habits. They create our character and, as a result, determine our future in love, life and business.

Many of us carry our "loops" down from our families. That said, it's important to review and consider what parts of what you're repeating is theirs, not yours? Which are serving and not serving you? Are you carrying on their belief system? Are you shrinking to fit when you know you're a grow-to-be person?

Grow to be! Reverse the process!

And here's the trick: become more aware of the (negative) thoughts you have between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. And to go deeper (or what you could call step #2), hear and feel the thought that is not serving you and, in that very moment, decide to repeat something more positive in its place (key word is "more"). Even a little bit "more" is fine. It needn't be "perfect," be something Oprah or Deepak might say, or 180-degree departure from where you are.

The point is simply to pause in the moment and repeat a new thought in its place, even if it's only five-percent more fruitful. Take it up to 10-percent, 25-percent and 50-percent more fruitful as you feel the spark, or be radical, and speed your way to flipping these thoughts on their heads, entirely. The spectrum or buffet is there for you to partake from, as you wish. And, don't judge it, just do it. Replace the thought with a more positive one then witness how your nervous system, relationships and success patterns shift. Do this again and again and watch life change dramatically.

So, we are what we eat? Yes. We are what we repeat? Most definitely.

You are not your negative or disempowered thoughts. They are temporary, if you want them to be. Your true state is one of possibility, joy, ease and purpose, so dig in and repeat that.

Be willing and decide today that your very next thought will be that delicious and great-for-you green smoothie.

Welcome to your new mantra/momtra. Oh yes, and don't forget to be green and reuse daily: "I am what I repeat and it all starts with my next thought." (Repeat to yourself at least three times.)