02/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush/Cheney: Dinosaurs of the Old Economy

The legacy of Bush and Cheney are inextricably tied to the survival of the old fossil fuel economy. Their assignment was clear: defend and protect at all costs the fossil fuel businesses and all of those associated with it. It did not matter whether they engaged in a fruitless war, lost thousands of lives or even bankrupted the world economy. They were good soldiers who valiantly carried out their mission to protect and defend the moneymakers of this Dinosaur world. Sadly, they may have been too successful at their mission --collapsing the world economies circa 2008.

This polemic is fraught with bitter irony even for the players involved. W was never supposed to be left to take the blame. Men that are raised like our current President don't get left holding the bag. They scurry away during the cover of dark to their new lives. Check out the rest of their friends and colleagues who have snuck away into the night with full wallets and no indictments - free as jailbirds.

We all knew that there would be resistance to new ideas, new industries and a new global economy based on new fuels. Maybe they just got overzealous and now W is the man who will go down in history as the spoiler. It is a bitter pill for that family to swallow given all of their public service.

Certainly, there was tremendous push back to the last wave of the digital revolution that fostered unprecedented prosperity in this country and abroad - defining a generation of new industries of the digital economy. Prosperity reigned. Companies were born. Stocks gained and the US led the world into two decades of wealth.

Thank you very much former President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Amen, you saw the writing on the wall and were able to open these flood gates for this country and the world. But you were not able to finish the job. You provided the train tracks to the next transition but were thwarted at the gates by this other coalition. Kyoto happened and the carbon market trading was modeled on the US Acid Rain schemas.

But the US would not come to the table to work on the climate crisis. The Bush/Cheney administration embarked on a new agenda which if seen through the perspective laid out above did make sense. It was a rational step-by-step plan to slow down and halt this transformation.

First you mosey into a new war or two with oil rich territories. Then you borrow with short term debt from the emerging world power, China. Ignore the Middle East for a while and let them put up a smoke screen or two as they continue the 100 year fight among one another. Keep on borrowing to finance your war of choice. Let the refineries prosper. Pull back on regulation aka no "hall monitors." Mix with an unparalleled housing crisis and pull the heart strings of the American psyche. Blame the lenders who unchecked have been running wild. Oops, provide an economic stimulus package with little regulation creating a credit crisis as the banks hold onto their precious dollars. And OMG, you have an economic collapse.

The US housing crisis is only one of the scapegoats of this administration. Frankly, if we lift back the covers, clearly it is evident that the prevailing forces behind the Bush/Cheney coalition were far more insidious. Many, many have walked away with blood money in their wallets, endowments and trust funds. This is the story that will be told for generations to come. Watch carefully as charitable donations escalate in the years to come as many attempt to wash their hands clean by solving the problems of global poverty and health -- while thousands were abandoned and left jobless and homeless in this country in 2008.

This is not rocket science, but rather a sacrifice of life as we know it for the prosperity of a select few.

Good soldiers were Bush/Cheney. Applause! Bows! Disgrace!

It didn't have to end this way. It could have been more merciful.