12/07/2011 02:04 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2012

Liberals Our Affair With Jon Huntsman Is Over

Liberals, the love affair with former Governor Jon Huntsman is finally over. Kaput once and for all after he showed his true colors yesterday during a speech debunking global warming at the Heritage Foundation. Many liberals were willing to overlook all of his foibles to forsake President Obama. He was good at making goo-goo eyes, saying the right things at the right moment, and appearing the tragic, misjudged and sane Republican. It was so compelling that some were willing to consider crossing over. Yep, not kidding as many high net worth donors revealed their not-so-secret yearning for Huntsman while still others were willing to consider a blended to ticket with Obama/Huntsman for 2012. Oh just forget about Vice President Joe with his foreign affairs chops. We have Jon, and if that's what it takes -- so be it. The disenchanted would flock back to the president, and the Independents could make whoopee. Compelling huh?

Entering stage right is the real Jon Huntsman mumbling conservative mumbo jumbo. Gone is the urbane, sort of debonair man in a George Clooney kind of way sans the sizzle. What is left is a deeply conservative person from the bosom of conservatism -- the state of Utah. Yes, we all know that his daughters are great with their tweets. In fact, they added levity to their handsome, very intelligent but boring dad. Bet there will be no more soulful interviews with Piers Morgan on CNN pandering to the disenchanted liberal Democrats playing the piano like their sainted former President Clinton and his beloved saxophone.

The new Jon Huntsman desperately wants back into the fold of his Party. After all, he only flirted with President Obama. "Forgive me," he chants -- it was only a passing infatuation, and it was China with long lacquered nails. If they can forgive former Speaker Newt Gingrich all over his dalliances, certainly the Republican Party can give Huntsman a pass on his midlife crisis.