10/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Another Palin-Phenomenon Spawn: Republican Lipstick

Even we in the fashion and beauty world are not immune to Palinmania, it appears: mineral makeup line Alchemy of Colour has just released Power Pink lipstick ($20), a shade that's supposed to look like the one Sarah Palin wears. The company says it is donating $1 from each sale to the McCain-Palin campaign.


According to the company's developer, "This powerful shade of pink celebrates the many faces of women as girlfriends, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and even vice presidents."

Sometimes I feel like nobody stops and asks herself, "does the content of this press release make sense?"

We think women are awesome. We think hardworking female entrepreneurs and execs deserve our support. But how, oh how in the world does a shade of lipstick celebrate women's diverse and simultaneous and vital roles?!

A company called Hot Pants Cosmetics is also debuting political products -- Palin Pink and Obama Berry lip glosses -- to be sold throughout the month of October. They're donating 50% of gross profits to an organization that helps women in the beauty industry aid domestic abuse victims.

If you're into slightly eighties lipstick and supporting the McCain-Palin campaign, visit Alchemy of Colour. If you want a more modern color that comes with a good (non-partisan) cause, check out Balmshell"s 1 in 8 Lip Gloss ($22).


Balmshell also donates $1 of each sale, but to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.