04/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jumpsuits Could Actually Be A Good Idea (Maybe?)...

When I first spotted the return of the jumpsuit, I figured it would probably come and go as so many other ill-advised flashback trends before it. But that may not be the case. Kim Kardashian alone has been photographed wearing no fewer than three different kinds, including this flattering Black Halo jumpsuit ($390).


As demonstrated by Ms. Kardashian, you don't have to be a runway model to look good in this look. If you have curves, just beware the fitted and clingy. There are plenty of flowing, wide-leg fits available, and even more that have tummy-camouflaging elements to the tops.


The color of this Express Strapless Jumpsuit ($79.50) breaks up your evening black routine. I also recommend the AKA New York Flutter Drawstring jumpsuit ($398) with its casual drawstring that helps define the waist.

There are seven more jumpsuits where that came from - click to see them.

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