06/14/2013 03:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Extreme Resiliency: Indulge Your Playful Spirit

The trees lining the streets in our neighborhood are bursting with the most beautiful color: light purple that makes me smile every time I see them. Lately I have noticed the flower petals falling off and drifting down to the ground collecting in piles under the trees.

Last week as I was admiring them I got a vision of a photo in my mind. I thought, hmmm, that would really be a cool picture. I drove past them many times since and kept thinking of getting the great shot with my camera I had envisioned in my mind.

Finally I could not ignore it anymore. I pulled over and said to my daughter, "Sweetie, I know this might sound crazy but can you jump out and grab a few handfuls of those flower petals for me?" After one of those "really mom?" looks, she was so sweet to indulge me for a moment and scooped up some petals before hopping back in the car.

"What are you going to do with these?" she asked.

"Well, I had a vision of a photo I want to take of you. Let's have some fun!"

When we got home we went out on the patio and began to throw them up into the air like kids playing in a pile of leaves in the fall, laughing and playing. I grabbed my camera and scooped them up again and put them in her hand. I told her to cradle them and blow them right at the lens. My vision came to life.

I understand that not everyone drives by a blooming tree and gets a vision of a photo they want to capture with the colorful petals. I just see the world in that way and choose to experience life in that way by being open to all that life has to offer. Some might even call it crazy. I call it living in the present moment.

We all have the opportunity to experience these kinds of moments though, but too often we let them slip away for one reasons or another. We get too busy. We have an idea and think it's too stupid, or too embarrassing, or too something. These are the moments we must stop for, take a moment of time for, and indulge our playful spirit. Because of trauma, fear, stress, life... we become deaf to our innate playful inner voice and if we don't tap back into it because we have disconnected from it somewhere along the way, we go numb to what simple, playful, pure joy feels like.

To be resilient we have to be connected to that voice inside of us that says stop and notice what is in front of you and all around you that is good and beautiful and pure. We must stay tuned in to that voice that is telling us to get out of our own way, get out of the car and scoop up the petals, get out of our own head and just PLAY!


Michelle Renee is an author, speaker with The Parsons Company, and the creator of Extreme Resiliency. Follow Extreme Resiliency on Facebook or on Twitter @dailyresiliency

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