05/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning For Entrepreneurs

Get ready for spring cleaning...for your business!

Break out the dust buster and mop and clean up the clutter that has not been working for you in your business. Goal setting, visualizing, branding and creating a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month business plan are all things that must be done regularly to ensure you are on track for success.

Is the dust piling up on yoru business plan? Has your vision become fragmented and worn under the pressures of keeping it all going, especially in tough economic times? Has your entrepreneurial enthusiasm given way to the woes of long days and sleepless nights counting invoices in your head?

If any of the above is ringing the bell of truth loud and clear, you are not alone. It is important to know when to clean out your entrepreneurial closet, dust off that business plan and set some new goals for success.

So many of us entrepreneurs start off with such enthusiasm. Before long the long hours force a reality check and cause us to step back and re-assess the vision. But that is exactly what you need to do to keep yourself on track towards success. Every business has growing pains. Every business has had a mess or two to clean up. Goal setting must be a continuous process and sometimes that means looking back at what didn't happen so that the same mess can be avoided in the future.

Take some time to add new color to your business plan. Plant new seeds and tend to your blossoming business with action, intention, vision and purpose. Prune when needed, add some fertalizer by re-investing back into your business and never let the clutter get so bad that you need a bull dozer to see light at the end of the entreprenuerial tunnel.

Top three tips to spring clean your business:

1) No Regrets! Before you toss out an idea that didn't work, one that has become clutter, be sure you have no regrets or feel you failed. You are a success just by realizing you need to make room for a fresh new perspective!

2) Your personal bliss is your personal, and professional, best. Shine up your self-esteem and re-discover your personal best, your inner bliss. It will translate into your direction for your business.

3) Dust off your business plan and set new 3, 6, 9 and 12 month goals. It is smart to evaluate your business garden often and adjust your plan according to what is thriving and what is wilting.

One last thing...have fun. Spring cleaning your business isn't a chore. It's an opportunity to grow!